Behind the Scenes of O&B’s Blogging Process for Interior Designers

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Let me guess… you would love to get blogging off your plate so you don’t have to think about it anymore, right? You want to know that it’s being done, and done well, so that you can focus on your zone of genius.

I hear you. I recently outsourced a HUGE task I don’t enjoy and am frankly not great at — website design. Once I finally took the leap, I remember a feeling of utter relief that someone other than me would be thinking about my business for once. And not just from a strategic perspective, but also from an outside perspective. (Have you ever felt that you’re too close to your business to really see it clearly or know what to say? Me, too.)

But when it comes to helping other businesses identify their uniqueness and attract their dream clients? Well, that’s where my team and I excel! We give you peace of mind and that feeling of utter relief.

This week, I want to give you a thorough look at what it’s like to have our team writing, publishing, and managing posts on your blog. Because let’s face it, if you’re outsourcing your blog, it shouldn’t feel like a burden — you should have confidence that it’s helping your business and taking something off your plate.

And if you’re already signed on to work with us, now you’ll know exactly what to expect. 😉

Come take a peek at our 4-Phase process to see how it all works…

Phase 1: Initial Discovery

All of our projects start with a Discovery Call, which helps us explore whether we’re a good match for each other. Over 20-30 minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to share your business and marketing goals, hear more about our process, and ask any questions.

If we’re both excited to work with each other, we’ll send you our Proposal & Client Agreement, along with the initial invoice to make things official.

Time Commitment

Discovery Call: 20-30 minutes

copywriter blog posts interior designers content marketing strategy

Phase 2: Content Strategy

Note: Long-term clients repeat this step with mini-strategy sessions bi-yearly or quarterly, as needed.

Once you’re officially an O&B client, we’ll schedule your 2-hour Content Strategy Session. This virtual meeting is essential to our success together. We’ll also request that you complete a Brand & Client Questionnaire at least 48 hours prior. 

This will help us do the necessary research and to generate content ideas that serve your dream clients and your business goals. I have already shared an in-depth look at our Content Strategy Session, so I won’t go into too much depth here, but some of the topics we cover during those 2 exciting hours are…

  • Your business and marketing goals
  • The ins and outs of your design firm’s brand
  • Honing in on your ideal clients
  • Identifying how you uniquely serve the internal/external needs of your clients (people make buying decisions based on internal needs!)
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Lead magnet ideas

By the end, we will have a Blog Content Calendar with scheduled post topics to see us through the foreseeable future. This paves the way for us to represent your voice, business, and brand in an authentic, relatable, and intriguing way.  

Bonus: Having this Blog Content Calendar also gives you the ability to plan your social media and newsletter content well in advance! 

Time Commitment

Questionnaire: 20-30 minutes

Strategy Session: 1-2 hours

I found a lot of value out of my strategy session with [Jaquilyn]. She came super prepared and we were able to get through a lot of material and leave with an actionable content calendar that I felt was personalized to me and my business.

— Rosanna B., Interior Designer

Phase 3: Intake & Creation

Note: This phase recurs quarterly.

Another way we ensure that we’re representing you well in blog posts and staying efficient is to gather thoughts from you on your topics ahead of time. How?

We’ll share a “Blog Post Notes” document with about 5-7 quick questions on each subject. You can share quick bullet points, write sentences, or even share documents if you already have the information somewhere else. 

We usually ask for 3 months’ worth of notes at one time. This helps you and our team batch-work the content for efficiency and consistency. At this time, we will also ask you to share and portfolio photos (simply add us to your DropBox folder) and add us an Editor in your website permissions. 

We’ll then create your blog post draft(s) and social media graphics behind the scenes!

Time Commitment

If this sounds like a lot of work, it really shouldn’t be. I don’t suggest spending more than 15 minutes per post (unless it’s a roundup post that you are making product selections for). So, if you’re signed on for 1 blog post per month, your initial time commitment for notes is about 45 minutes. Maybe an hour, just to be safe. 

If you’ve ever blogged on your own before, you know that spending an hour on 3 months’ worth of content is nothing!

social media graphics blog posts interior designers
Example of social media graphics designed for Pinterest. We personally design yours using your brand’s fonts, colors, and signature style.

Phase 4: Review & Approval

Note: This phase recurs monthly.

When it comes to Review & Approval for the content we’ve created for you, there is a slight difference in our process for new clients versus established clients… 

New Clients

In the first month or two, we understand that there may be some back-and-forth before we really capture your unique voice and brand. For this reason, we present your first one to two blog posts and social graphics & captions within a Google Document around the 20th of the month. This allows you the space (and time) to leave comments for us, so we can make any edits based on your feedback. 

Once we’ve addressed all your feedback and you’ve approved the post, we will schedule it for publishing on the agreed-upon date.

Established Clients

Once we’ve established a good rapport, we will format your blog posts directly in your website and provide social media graphics & captions via our shared DropBox folder. Blog posts will be marked as “Needing Review” or “Pending Approval” (depending on the website provider you use). 

Around the 20th of the month, you will be notified to go in and take a look at the post. If you approve it, simply change the blog post status to “Draft,” and we will schedule it for the agreed-upon date. If you need edits, you can send us an email and we will be happy to make those.

Note: If we are also customizing a blog-related newsletter for you (optional add-on), we will provide the content during this phase as well.

And that’s it! You now have consistently published blog posts filled with valuable, interesting content that is truly speaking to your dream client, helping them build a connection with you and your business, and nurturing them into an eventual paying client. THAT is the power of a great blog.

Time Commitment

The time commitment for the Review & Approval phase varies from client to client. Some of our clients rarely request edits, and simply scan the post and approve. Others like to be more hands-on and make edits themselves.

In general, this time decreases the longer you work with us, but I would say on average… 5-20 minutes per post. (If you’re spending too much time on this phase, talk to us and we’ll see if we can find a faster solution.)

Promoting & Sharing Your Blog Posts

Okay, this isn’t a phase in our process, but it is too important for me to leave out. It involves taking that next step and sharing your blog posts. Now, I’ve had plenty of clients skip this step and see SEO success from having new posts on their website each month. BUT… 

If you want SEO success AND new clients coming from places like your mailing list or social media platforms, you have to share. those. blog posts. This is precisely why we give you graphics & captions!

Here’s what you can do…

  • Using the graphics & captions we’ve created, promote your blog post on social media with the goal of driving more traffic to your website to read it.
  • Share some info about your blog post in your social media Stories, either with visuals or a video, if you enjoy that. Again, with a link for people to go read it.
  • Include a snippet of your blog post in your Newsletter with a link to read more on your website. (I have literally had clients land new projects from sharing a blog post in a newsletter, and I have personally gotten new clients this way, too. If it’s valuable and interesting information to your dream client, it works. And yes, we can help with this one if you need it.)
  • Reposting again on social media throughout the month or year. Most blog posts are still relevant months later and can be re-shared!
phases creative process blogging for interior designers professional copy strategy
I’ll “cheers” to that!

What’s Next?

If you’re already signed on with us, we can’t wait to work with you! We’ll be in touch with the next steps, if we haven’t gotten in touch already. 😉

If you not currently a client — but you’re excited about the idea — we would love to meet you! Please get in touch with us here to schedule your Discovery Call. We can’t wait to meet you and help you free up more time & space in your business… and in your life.



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