Ochre & Beige is Turning 3… and We Have Some Surprises for You!

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My friends, Ochre & Beige is turning 3! It feels like just yesterday that O&B was a laptop and a dream. 3 years later, we have a small team, have written hundreds of blog posts and many websites for interior designers, and that original dream… well, it has evolved exponentially and in the best ways.

Has your vision for your business changed over time, too? As you accomplish one dream and move on to the next? Or maybe as your life changes and you shape your business to complement it? Me, too.

To celebrate this milestone and toast to chasing creating dreams, this week’s blog post is going to be just a little different. You’ll…

  1. Hear the story behind my journey starting O&B (skip on down if you’ve heard it before)
  2. Find out what’s new for you over here… and it’s good!
  3. Meet our fabulous new team member
  4. Get credit where credit’s due

Our Wild & Worldly Origins

Like many of our clients, the story of my business parallels my own. It starts with a passionless desk job, daily monotony, and a sense of missing purpose. Been there?

For years, that was my reality. While that time was invaluable to the marketing and business skills I have now (Silicon Valley will do that for you), I felt that my life lacked meaning, excitement and color. I knew that I was fortunate in so many ways, and yet I felt that I was falling short of my potential.

At the insistence of a friend, I decided to take a 2-week vacation in early 2017 and traveled to Europe — Switzerland, Italy, and France — completely alone. What happened in those two weeks was transformative. Sure, I was awkward. Terrified to ask for directions. I got lost… a lot.

But I can remember the exact moment in the heart of the Roman Forum when I found a sense of independence. When I unearthed my determination to transform my life into one that I was excited to wake up to. One where I could pursue my passions, travel often, and help others…

Roman Forum, Italy

Finding the Big Idea

The idea for O&B was born from yet another friend’s serendipitous suggestion (aren’t friends amazing?) and the realization that I could combine ALL of my passions and experiences into one beautiful business…

  • My passion for writing and strategizing
  • My Stanford education in Design and Communication
  • The business acumen I gained helping an SF startup grow from 0 to 30 employees, 0 clients to thousands.

I could write about design, support my fellow female entrepreneurs, and — I know you can relate to this — thrive on the daily challenges of building something bigger than myself. 

3 years later, that is exactly what I get to do every day. And I LOVE IT.

But that’s not the whole story…

If you know me, you know that’s not the whole story. Around the same time that I was starting O&B, I took yet another trip to Switzerland, where I had romantic dreams of basking in the charming Swiss countryside, listening to the magical tinkle of cowbells, and writing my days away like Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 

There, and completely by accident, I fell in love with a handsome Italian. He’s a PT and rock climber, speaks 6 languages, and makes me laugh. I took a chance on love (and on O&B succeeding) and moved across the world… 

…and 3 years later, we’re married! 

He goes by “D.” here on the blog, is the extrovert to my introvert, shares my love of wine, and is easily our little household’s best chef. And all happened because I opened my mind, my heart, and followed my intuition — in love and in business.

We had originally planned to travel around the world in 2020, but after getting locked down in the Caribbean and spending several months with my family in the US, we had to shelf that dream for now. 

At least we made it to several US national parks! This photo was taken on a sunrise hike in Bryce Canyon, where inspiration abounds.

With our dream postponed for at least a couple years, we decided that it was back to work for D. We just settled in Lucerne, Switzerland (literally, last week), where the view certainly makes up for adventures lost!

Not to mention that I’ll finally have my own at-home office!

I could get used to this…

Okay, now, you’re all caught up, so let’s get to the new stuff! Here’s what we have in store for you…

O&B’s Newly Designed Digital Home

I’m not joking when I say that O&B’s new digital home (our website) was designed just for you. The first step in the website design process with Ariel at The Blog Stop was deciding what you would want and need from it. Layering in O&B’s mission, brand values, and vision was just the icing on the cake.

Features to get excited about

  • O&B Shop, where you can find free resources & blogging courses
…and a rich and intriguing color palette!

Side Note: Can I just say what a relief it was to hire someone who could think strategically for me and my business? Yes, strategy is what I do every day for our clients, but it is so hard to do for yourself! Sometimes, we are simply too close to our own businesses to be objective. Know what I mean?

If this isn’t something you’ve done for your business yet (for blogging, for website copy/design, for branding, etc.), I can’t recommend it enough. It will give you so much energy, time, clarity and confidence!

Blog Content Strategy Workbook

This is the good stuff. If you’re already on our email list, you’ll be receiving a copy of our new and improved Blog Content Strategy Workbook in our newsletter tomorrow… and it is stunning!

In it, I’ll walk you through our 5-step process for ideating blog post topics designed to attract your dream clients and further your business goals.

If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?! Get your copy of our Blog Content Strategy Workbook here.

Updated Services for Interior Designers

Too close to your business to know what to say? Too busy to create and share content consistently? We have fine-tuned our services to support you better than ever…

Monthly Ghost Blogging

  • 2-hour Content Strategy Session to create your blog content calendar
  • Monthly blog posts created, formatted & published (with attention to SEO)
  • Social media graphics & captions provided for each post

Copywriting Services

  • Copywriting for marketing materials like nurture sequences, lead magnets, onboarding documents, etc.
  • Website copywriting for 4-6 pages or 7-12
  • Each includes a Content Strategy Session to identify your dream clients, your unique voice, and define a brand messaging strategy

Blog Post Templates for Home Professionals

  • If you’re not ready for custom blogging, our blog post templates are offered through Socialite Vault and a breeze!

Questions about any of these? I’d be happy to chat with you about it. You can book a no-stress, introductory call with me here.

Our newest team member

I have been eagerly waiting to make this announcement because… we have a fresh face around here! Allie joined Ochre & Beige in early 2020 and has quickly become an irreplaceable part of our team. 

Allie Detert, Junior Copywriter

A lifelong artist and writer, Allie dreamed of pursuing her passions (not unlike many of our clients) while having the freedom to make her own schedule. In her case, she loves being a work-at-home mom to her 18-month-old baby girl.

As our Junior Copywriter, Allie brings an eye for graphic design and a knack for expressing our clients’ unique voices and brands. 

On the personal side, Allie loves to cook with produce from her garden, explore the great outdoors, and capture special moments with a paintbrush in hand. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, daughter, dogs, and wily assortment of… chickens! 

A Heartfelt Round of Thank Yous

Last but not least, O&B would be nowhere without the people who have given us their business, their time, and their trust…

To our clients who have been with us for years

Thank you. Thank you for your trust, for your continued collaboration and support, and for being such a joy to work with. There are days when I literally smile to myself and think, “Wow, I am so lucky to have such wonderful clients.” YOU are the reason. Thank you!

To our latest batch of new and fabulous clients (seriously)

WELCOME. I know our work is just beginning, but you have already made your way into our hearts. We can’t wait to work hard for you and help your business grow beyond what you imagine possible. Thank you for letting us be part of your journey!

To our digital community (you know who you are)

Thank you for your continued comments and encouragement, your questions and your support. We hope to continue to support you in return, whether it’s with savvy advice or simply adding a good laugh to your week!

To my incredible website designer

Ariel at The Blog Stop — thank you for channeling your creative genius for me, for O&B, and for our clients. You knew exactly what I needed and have given me clarity that O&B and ALL of our clients will benefit from. You truly have a gift, and we are better for it!

Alright, I will end this little celebration here, but I hope you have found something new, something to help your business, and a place to hang out when you’re looking to feel inspired.

On that note, I will see you next Monday!


All personal brand photography by Lovisa Photography

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