"I now have more clarity."

Seeing — or really, hearing — my brand's voice from another perspective gave me a refreshed approach. I now have more clarity on how to leverage my messaging across the website, social, etc.

I recently met someone who checked a lot of the ideal client boxes. Giving her my card for the website was done with such confidence, knowing the messaging was targeted to her demographic.

— Kristen Pipal, Chicago

what you'll walk Dance away wth

Together, these elements give you a strategic messaging foundation that can be carried throughout your business: digitally, with clients, and even internally with your team.

Messaging strategy aligned with your goals

Website copy crafted to win over your favorite prospects

Confidence in your story and the words you use

Copy that can be used across various platforms

Go-to reference guide for representing your business

01. THought-provoking q's

02. strategy session

03. brand messaging

You guessed it—you'll share all your important details in our thoughtful questionnaire, from your ideal clients and projects to your short- and long-term business goals. Let's hear it!

Your 90-minute deep-dive Strategy Session is with our CEO, Jaquilyn, and our Creative Director, Kait. Together, we treat you to the trifecta of business, marketing, and copywriting savvy.

We create your messaging strategy, distilling all your info—plus market research—down to words and phrases that resonate and connect. We'll make any edits following your feedback.

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our proces is Where the big ideas happen.

how does it work?

04. site content map

05. complete website copy

06. tie it up with a bow

Next, you'll have a 60-minute website content meeting, where we map out each page's content for copy, the calls to action we'll need, and the overall flow from page to page.

Sit back as our team translates your messaging strategy into copy that fits you like a glove. We invite feedback and offer several rounds of revisions, if needed, to get the voice just right.

To wrap things up, we finalize your Brand Messaging with any new ideas that emerged during the copy phase and give you all the docs you need for easy implementation. Cheers!

"was Really able to Capture the essence of my business."

The thought of gathering everything in my head and putting it down on paper was daunting, but O&B made it fun and was really able to capture the essence of my business.

I knew copy was something I needed and let a great team guide me. This resulted in a rebrand of my company [with her website designer], which, deep down, I knew needed to happen. This was the extra push I needed!

— Becky Vocaire, GA

Look inside each deliverable

• Thoughtful intake questionnaire

• 90-minute Strategy Session with Jaquilyn + Kait

• Beautiful, on-brand PDF detailing the following:

• Company/owner bio
• Ideal client + service profiles
• Pain points w/connective statements
• Company mission statement
• Competitor research + differentiation
• Brand pillars + shared values
• Brand origin story
• Messaging phrases + brand lexicon
• Tagline, if needed
• Overview of voice + tone w/examples


• 60-minute Planning Session

• Custom Website Content Map

• Copy for up to 12 pages, including Portfolio pages

• Up to 3 rounds of revisions (4 versions)

• Optional add-ons:

website copywriting

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Let us guess...

Timeline: 3-4 weeks

**Does NOT include web design or implementation.**

Timeline: 2-4 weeks

• Extra pages
• Curation of portfolio photos
• Client testimonial gathering
• Copy for meta descriptions
• Photo file naming for SEO

Investment starts at $9,200

you love details, too?

Ready for copy that reflects your success?

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