"One of the smartest decisions I've made as a business owner."

O&B offers a cheerful and professional experience that regularly reminds me that outsourcing copy is one of the smartest decisions I've made as a business owner.

Our careful and strategic investment in copywriting across multi-channel media has led to a feel-good, results-driven outcome I happily include in our business plan year after year.

— Shawna, Styleberry Creative Interiors


"IT's a game-changer!"

We now have website copy that I am confident is clear, concise, and speaks to my target audience, as evidenced through feedback from prospects on discovery calls.

While seemingly a small thing, a part of our strategy is a 'dictionary' of words that represent our brand and that the team uses in every communication — it's a game-changer!

— Donna, The Space Within


"I now have more clarity."

Seeing — or really, hearing — my brand's voice from another perspective gave me a refreshed approach. I now have more clarity on how to leverage my messaging across the website, social, etc.

I recently met someone who checked a lot of the ideal client boxes. Giving her my card for the website was done with such confidence, knowing the messaging was targeted to her demographic.

— Kristen, KP Home


when the final product was delivered, there were so few changes needed that it was mind-blowing. I feel so confident about the website we are about to launch, and I know it will be a true and authentic reflection of what we do each day to take care of our clients.

-Shannon Ernst & Jerad Gardemal, Baton Rouge

"It was a stellar experience."

I'm so used to being the one servicing clients. It was so nice to feel like the 'client'. And in the area of my business where I struggle the most. I feel confident that we will stand out.

— Emily, B Street Design

"Loved every minute of it."

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Ochre & Beige is a boutique copywriting and creative agency for interior designers. Founded by Stanford alum Jaquilyn Edwards, our all-women team hails from backgrounds in marketing, business development, product sales, journalism, graphic design, and art.
Since 2017, we have channeled our collective expertise and imagination into messaging that is clear, confident, and steeped in strategy.

If you share our ambition, love of fun, and kind-hearted vibe, we can't wait to work with you.