The Real, Peace-Inducing Benefits of Successful Marketing

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How do you know if your marketing is working for your design firm? Will progress happen right away? How long do you have to wait? What are the signs that you’re doing things right?

You could find the answer in analytics, but I want to share another approach. Yes, looking at your metrics for website traffic, engagement, and newsletter subscribers is one way to gauge your marketing’s effectiveness. But I also believe that real success isn’t about seeing those specific marketing components at work. It’s about reaching your endgame. 

For most interior designers, your ultimate goal is getting clients. And as a result, increasing profit.

So today, let’s skip the numbers and discuss the real life signs that your marketing is functioning at full capacity for your business — what it looks like, and better yet, how it feels.

1. Your dream clients consistently reach out to you

This one is pretty obvious, so let’s put it first. If potential clients are contacting you (without you having to chase them down) AND they are your design firm’s “dream clients,” your marketing is working. 

I know this to be true because I have seen it in action over and over again with our clients and with O&B. And can I just say…? It is FUN to have your favorite clients knocking on your door. (And it opens up the possibilities for hiring, growth, building a legacy business, etc.)

One thing I want you to keep in mind, though, is that success is not instant. Most designers with a strong level of marketing commitment (a complete funnel, strategic and beautiful content, consistency, etc.) see the fruits of their marketing labor within 3 to 6 months. 

Pro Tip: When you do start seeing new clients coming into your business effortlessly, don’t stop marketing! That’s how you end up with a potential “dry spell” in the next 3 to 6 months. Trust me, no one wants their pipeline (or stress levels) to be a rollercoaster.

2. New clients already know and like you

In an ideal world, your design firm’s brand and subsequent marketing should be steeped in your values and should be authentic to you. If that’s the case and your marketing is on point, like will attract like

It’s not just about having dream clients knock on your door. You will also discover that those new clients share your values, feel as if they already know you, and are genuinely excited to work with you. That’s powerful.

Not only do you not need an icebreaker, but you are now far more likely to have a great working relationship with this person. Maybe even a future friendship. Do you have past clients who you now consider friends? Me, too. Because of it, I love my work and my business so much more.

And let’s face it, no matter what kind of business you’re running, it’s always about people.

3. You don’t have to “sell” yourself on discovery calls

When your marketing is working, the need to “sell yourself” on a discovery call goes wayyy down. It might even disappear. Why? Because great marketing not only creates a connection with your dream clients, it also expresses the true value of your service, before you ever even speak together!

(Do you think Kelly Wearstler is convincing new clients that she and her team have talent and a wealth of expertise? Yeah… highly doubt it.)

This will manifest into new client calls where you can hear the excitement in the prospective client’s voice. You will likely perceive that they’ve already made a decision, and they are simply finding out what the next steps are. 

4. Clients are not questioning your design fees

When the 3 points above are working for your design firm, money is rarely a topic of discussion. Of course, that is assuming your prices reflect what your dream clients can feasibly invest. (Otherwise they wouldn’t be your dream clients, right?!) 

Note: You may still have to educate potential clients on what an interior design project costs, but that’s because this area of design is filled with misconceptions — not because you’re too expensive. This kind of topic is also great for helping your ideal clients identify themselves or filter themselves into a non-full-service offering. 

5. You are seeing faster growth & more freedom

Last but not least, when your marketing is working seamlessly for your business and you are experiencing all of the above 4 points — growth happens. This is the moment when a world of opportunity opens up. 

You can decide which aspects of the business you want to be directly involved in. You can grow your team. You can outsource more. You can gain the freedom to spend more time not working, if that’s what you want. You can work toward building a legacy.

And all of that? THAT’s the power of organic growth!

Final Thoughts

Just like you design clients’ homes for their dream lifestyle, you can design your business for the business/life you want in the future. This takes shape in the form of INTENTION and STRATEGY.

This means strategy with respect to how you run your business, as well as your brand and marketing strategy. If you need help with the latter, we do offer 2-hour Content Strategy Sessions that can give you a solid foundation. We’ll dive into your goals, your dream clients, and strategize content topics and a marketing schedule that bridges the two.

If you’re eager to do this on your own, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered, too. You can download our Content Strategy Workbook below and follow our 5-step process.

Well, that’s it for now, but thanks for spending another Monday here with me, and I will see you all next week!








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