Why Your Interior Design Firm Needs Professional Copywriting

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Like interior design, there’s more to professional copywriting than meets the eye. And also like interior design, most people don’t realize what it takes to reach that final transformative creation of function and beauty.

A professional copywriter, especially one who specializes in a particular industry, is more than just a creative writer — we are savvy business professionals. 

Yes, we have to be great at writing (just like you have to be great at creating spaces that are beautiful), but we also have to do ALL of the following, too…

  • Understand smart business, and more importantly, your business model
  • Write strategically to attract your dream clients
  • Channel your unique voice and mission into intriguing and relational copy
  • Inspire that initial connection with you
  • Make sure we’re using your SEO keywords
  • Employ strategic calls to action that inspire dream clients to take the next step with you

As you can see, there is SO much research, strategy and iteration that goes into even a few great paragraphs of copy!

What types of content could benefit from professional copywriting?

Great question…

  • Your website copy (essential and the best place to start)
  • Your lead magnets
  • A nurture sequence for your lead magnet
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Monthly blog posts (great for SEO and for attracting your dream clients)
  • Social media posts
  • Sales pages, if you sell any digital products
  • Product descriptions within an online shop
  • Onboarding materials, such as a Services PDF or Welcome Packet
  • Off-boarding materials (for getting repeat clients or referrals)
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What results can you see from professional copy?

Investing in professional copywriting is very similar to investing in interior design — the investment goes beyond time spent.

For example, whether you charge an hourly rate or a flat fee, your clients are really paying for… your many years of expertise, your understanding and management of their project, your foresight in designing their home to function and last, and for the final aesthetic result they are getting. 

As you also know, your clients really do get what they pay for! Quality is rarely ever cheap.

The same is true for professional copywriting. The value of great copy goes far beyond the copy’s length or even the number of hours it took to write. Because truly strategic, relational and on-brand copy…

  • Better attracts your dream clients and design projects
  • Grows your mailing list (a pipeline of leads so you’ll consistently have projects coming in)
  • Creates a personable connection for better client relationships
  • Improves SEO, especially long-term with consistent blogging
  • Gives you peace of mind & a clear understanding of the best way to talk about your business
  • Leads to long-term business growth

How do you know if your website needs professional copy?

If you’re experiencing any or several of the following, I highly suggest considering a professional copywriter: 

  • The potential clients who contact you are NOT your dream clients
  • You’re seeing a less than desirable number of new clients coming in
  • You’re not getting lead magnet signups
  • Your website copy feels generic
  • Your website copy doesn’t include anything related to your dream client (I’ve come across a lot of sites that have copy along the lines of “we do this and we do that,” instead of being about the client)
  • You feel that your SEO could be improved

If you book a discovery call with us, we will take a look at your website and discuss each of these areas to make sure it’s the right investment for your business. Sometimes, a quick fix is all a client needs; sometimes a full overhaul may be suggested. Our advice is always personal to your situation and goals.

how to create voice in blog posts interior designers

How to find the right copywriter for your business

While I would love to say, “Hire O&B!”, I also know that we’re not for everybody. (If you’re serving everybody, your business is not niche enough!) So, my suggestion for finding the best copywriter for you and your business?

1. Find a copywriter who specializes in your industry

If there is one piece of advice that you could take away from this blog post (other than the fact that fantastic copywriting is worth its weight in marketing gold), it’s this:

You are far more likely to see success if you hire a copywriter who specializes in the interior design industry.

That’s not to say that there aren’t copywriters in other creative industries who could do a good job for you. I’m sure there are. But experience has shown me that this is usually not the case.

Case in point: I have had several clients come to O&B after working with other copywriters, and their feedback was that the previous copy felt “generic.” I truly don’t believe that this was the result of bad writing; it’s simply that the writer only had a superficial understanding of a highly nuanced industry. 

This can be solved by someone who understands all that an interior designer does, from serving clients to the many nuances of a design project or renovation.

2. Find a copywriter whose voice is at least a little similar to yours

Most interior designers are perfectly capable of working with various styles and aesthetics, but many narrow it down to one or two specialties, such as modern, fresh traditional, coastal, etc. This approach not only helps you work in your zone of creative genius but also allows potential clients to quickly decide if your portfolio matches their aesthetic.

The same can be said for copywriters. 

Yes, I can vary the writing’s voice and tone to fit each of our clients’ brands and personalities, but I would be kidding myself if I didn’t admit that my best work has certain characteristics. It lies in copy that’s conversational yet professional, thoughtful and relational, punchy and smart.

That’s my creative zone. Maybe it fits your voice too. Maybe yours is more bubbly, or even more serious. That’s okay!

So… my suggestion is to read your copywriter’s website. Read their blog posts or social media posts. Take a look at their portfolio or ask for writing samples, if you’re not yet sure.

When you find a copywriter whose voice feels closest to your own, you are on the right track!

3. Choose a copywriter you genuinely connect with

We are all professionals here. We don’t need to have a deep connection with a clients to do great work for them. However, I can almost guarantee that your level of inspiration and motivation increases if you genuinely connect with your client.

Can you think of a client you absolutely loved working with? How did their project differ from others?

For me, I can think of several long-term clients whom I consider friends and would love to go meet in person someday. Is the work I do for them any different than for others? Of course not. But my work week is a happier one when I get to support them by working on their projects!

When it comes to choosing a copywriter for your business, you don’t have to find someone you really connect with — but it is an advantage. If there’s a connection, it is more likely that this person will relate to you, understand you, and be better able to channel your voice.

Plus, it is a great foundation for a positive, long-term relationship!

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Have a love of great wine? We’ll definitely get along. 😉

If your website and marketing content could use professional copywriting, let’s talk.








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