What to Look for in a Professional Interior Design Copywriter

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Professional copywriting is a lot like interior design. While you use design to balance the puzzle of style, functionality, and livability, professional copywriters do the same — except we balance word choice, user experience, and business strategy. Not everyone can do it. (And, like design, you get what you pay for!)

Today, we’re sharing several characteristics we recommend looking for when hiring a professional copywriter or copywriting team, starting with…

1. Experience in the Interior Design Industry

Think about it like this… If you have allergies, would you rather go to a general practitioner or an allergist? If you need legal protection, would you hire any old lawyer or would you look for one who specializes in working with businesses?

My guess is that you would choose the specialist. Doing so not only gives you customized, highly experienced support but also results in less time spent. It’s what they do.

The same is true for copywriting.

In our experience, copywriters who work with “creative entrepreneurs” can still do a great job from a writing perspective, but the feedback we hear (and see) is that the message itself feels generic.

This is not a lack of talent, but someone with industry experience will be able to help you go deeper, speaking more specifically to the clients and projects you want to attract and giving you helpful business advice along the way — all tailored to your unique goals.

2. Writing Style that Feels Like a Fit

Finding talented writers is a given, but again, it’s like working with a designer… though every project is personalized to each client, we each have our sweet spot. To gauge if a copywriter is the right fit for you, view their portfolio (if public), read their website and blog posts, or ask for examples of their work.

This will give you a chance to “hear” their writing voice and see if it aligns with yours. If it’s drastically different, you may have your answer. (You can find our Portfolio here.)

3. A Mind for Business Strategy

Professional copywriting is so much more than just writing — it’s business strategy. How?

  • We discuss your business goals for the next 2-5 years out.
  • We identify how to attract your ideal clients and projects.
  • We research competitors to figure out what helps you stand out in the market.
  • We help plan the layout and user experience (UX) of your website.
  • We give you the right words to best represent your business.

Finding a copywriter with industry experience — and a process that includes the deep work — will result in you having an extended team member with far-reaching and impactful insights. That’s far better than just getting words for a page.

4. A Forward-Thinking, Problem-Solving Approach

In addition to business strategy, professional copywriters are forward-thinking problem-solvers. We will ask you what struggles you’re currently facing in your business or might face in the future. For example…

Do you only want full-home projects? Let’s position your service as a complete process instead of breaking it down into individual services.

Do clients expect to work with only you and not your team? We can fix that by structuring the copy and their experience around the concept of feeling supported by a team.

Would you like to create a legacy business that you can sell in 10 years? Let’s structure the messaging to plan for it now. You get the idea. 

5. Personal Connection… with You!

Lastly, it’s important that you feel a personal connection with your copywriter. Just like design, creating website copy requires going deep into your processes, your business and life goals, and your interests. While not essential, there is an extra touch of magic if you genuinely connect or have interests and passions in common.

In addition to reading their content online, it’s always best to book a Discovery Call to chat with the team. Once you’re face to face, you’ll know pretty quickly whether it’s meant to be!






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