Brand Photoshoot Shot List for Interior Designers

Why do you need a brand photoshoot? Because stunning imagery isn’t just for your portfolio page, and photos of interiors shouldn’t be the only ones on your site.

Your dream clients need to see the real people and the real work behind what you do. That inside peek creates an initial connection, starts the relationship, and builds future clients’ trust. Today, we’re covering:

  • What is a brand photoshoot?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Which types of photos will you need?
  • A brand photoshoot shot list

What is a Brand Photoshoot?

A brand photoshoot is exactly what it sounds like—a photoshoot dedicated to getting shots that represent your brand and work as a whole.

This can include: photos of your team, individual shots, lifestyle photos and office photos, photos of you putting together a flat lay, and on and on. (I’ll share a more complete list for you below.)

Benefits of a Brand Photoshoot

  • makes your business look high-end, personable, and professional
  • creates an initial connection that helps start a relationship with a potential client
  • helps your dream clients better understand who you are, what you do, and who you serve
  • gives you content for your website, blog, social media, even your welcome materials or proposals
  • the more consistent your brand, the more trust you build with your audience and potential clients

All of the above are an invaluable part of marketing your business. If you’ve never done a brand photoshoot before, I highly recommend looking for a photographer whose aesthetic matches your own and getting on their calendar.

Which Shots Do You Need?

  • Interiors, including some with people
  • Behind-the-scenes or in-action shots
  • Close-up detail shots
  • Lifestyle photos of you and/or your team
  • Landscape AND portrait oriented photos!

I also suggest doing at least 2 to 3 outfit changes so that your photos will have greater variety and longevity throughout the year.

Brand Photoshoot for Designers: Recommended Shots

This one is exactly what it sounds like, and the best way to prepare for it is to think about what you do for your clients every day. Especially the things that they might not KNOW you’re doing for them. Here are some ideas:

You & Your Team

  • Poring over documents, like floor plans, lighting plans, renderings, etc.
  • Meeting with a client (stand-in volunteer/s who fit your ideal client)
  • Inspecting stone slabs, tile, furniture, or lighting in a showroom
  • Creating a 3D rendering or other digital mockup at a computer
  • Styling decor on a shelf or table
  • Meeting with trade partners or other experts
  • Toasting success with wine or cocktails

flat lay palette interior design firm brand photoshoot tips olive green gold spoon slate dish marble counter

Materials and Samples

  • Touching or holding samples — tiles, fabric, cabinet hardware etc.
  • Tile samples on a table
  • Fanned out fabric swatches or paint swatches
  • Flat lays, including several elements of a design
  • Close-ups of decor, furnishings, fabrics, and vignettes
  • Close-ups of important documents, like floor plans
  • Close-ups of design books or resources

Your Design Studio or Workroom:

  • Lounge or reception area where clients will be greeted
  • Conference room where design concepts are presented
  • Guests’ powder room if it looks spectacular (there’s something about an incredible powder room that just screams “extra mile”)
  • Your resource library, where design concepts come to life

Lifestyle Content

  • You out in nature or around town (aka, being a real person)
  • You doing activities you enjoy, such as reading, sipping tea, shopping, etc.
  • Close-up portrait photos of you

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to get creative, ask your team for suggestions, and have some fun with it. Believe me, if you and your team feel excited and involved, that energy will be tangible in your final photos—and irresistible to your dream clients!

Bonus Tip: Interiors with People

Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to include you and/or your team when photographing projects! Ideas could include:

  • Styling the living room or a staircase
  • Walking through the dining room with a serving tray (with or without long exposure)
  • Putting fresh flowers or vegetables in a stunning kitchen
  • Toasting with your team in the outdoor kitchen

You get the idea. The best strategy is to think about the activities your clients enjoy in their homes, and use that as inspiration to set the scene. Photos like these will help potential clients imagine themselves living that lifestyle in their new home, designed by you.

I’ll wrap things up here, but I hope this has inspired you to not only book your next brand photoshoot, but to give your shot list some strategic thought. It’s true that the right photographer will help you compile some great scenes, but having your own ideas will make the magic even better. And speaking of branding…

Until next time,

P.s. If you’re in/near Orange County, I highly recommend Lovisa Photo. Erin did an incredible job with my own photoshoot, was so much fun to work with, and has a ton of experience working with interior designers!






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