Where to Find Stock Photos for Interior Designers & Home Pros

When it comes to high-quality images to support your business, there are a number of stock photos for interior designers and home pros… the trick is finding the good ones. Below, I’m sharing my favorite resources for both free and purchasable options.

interior design stock photo rich warm wood organic mugs succulents
Yep, this is a stock photo! Lovingly discovered, paid for, and aligned with the warm, clean, natural look that is the O&B brand.

Where to Find Free Stock Photos for Interior Designers

Here are a few of our go-tos. Just be sure to check the license type when downloading a photo. It will tell you if it’s free to use without attribution or is free to use with credit to the photographer.

Where to Purchase High-End Stock Photos for Interior Designers

A Note on Sizing for Blog Posts & Websites

A quick word about stock photos. They are professional quality photos, meaning their file sizes are HUGE. Large photos mean slow websites, which means impatient people leaving your site because it’s not loading.

Fortunately, some sites will give you the option to download a small or medium photo size, which I suggest. Or, you can use Canva to resize your large images into a smaller template. What size exactly?

Go for anything below 2,000px on the longest side.

Labeling Photos for Your Blog Posts’ SEO

Here’s another necessity that’s simple, fairly quick, but oh-so-annoying when you’re in a rush — labeling the photo files. This is essential for SEO and requires changing the file name (or alt-tag) to something that makes sense for Google and relates to your business. I like to use the formula:

Location + type of project/room + style + what’s relevant in the photo

Take this photo for example:

interior design stock photo resources modern rustic kitchen beams white counters

A blog post on pendants might label this photo: austin-tx-geometric-brass-pendants-over-white-kitchen-island.jpg

A blog post on countertops might label this photo: austin-tx-white-quartz-island-countertop-barstyle-seating.jpg

The Easiest Way to Get Photos for Blog Posts?

Try our Blog Post Builders. We have literally done all of this work for you — the photo finding, the resizing, the labeling, and all curated for each of the blog post topics we have available. You can find them in Socialite Vault.

“I had dreamed for quite some time about starting my own blog and didn’t know where to begin. Your service really simplified the process for me. I’m blogging once a week with ease and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m so happy that I found you!”

— Elizabeth C.

Happy blogging,

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  1. Kay says:

    This is great! How do I sign up for the newsletter?

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Jaquilyn! What if you want to use stock photos for background images on your business website (hero banner, space fillers)? Is this still okay? I’m starting out and don’t have any portfolio images but would like to get my website up and running. I don’t plan on using the stock photos to pass them off as my own, only to fill space and add visual interest to my pages. I won’t be able to include a portfolio page until I get my own images. At least this is the plan.

    • Jaquilyn K. says:

      Hi Michelle, great question! Yes, the photos on these stock photo websites are free to use on your website without crediting the photographer. For new designers, this is usually the best approach until you have a portfolio. (You can also photograph any spaces in your own home for a portfolio.) Another photo resource is Social Squares — it’s a paid membership for stock photos. The quality is great and there are even more design photos in there too. Hope this helps!