39 Spring & Summer Blog Post Topic Ideas for Interior Designers

spring summer blog post topic ideas interior designers

A while back, I published 29 Blog Post Topic Ideas for Interior Designers and 6 Blog Post Topics Interior Designers Should Have, and they have quickly become the most-read posts on the O&B blog.

I know that coming up with blog post topics is one of the biggest hurdles to a thriving design blog, so I thought I’d throw some more ideas your way. This time, seasonal ones! Bookmark this post, and come back whenever you need a creative boost…

Quick Preface…

Before we dive in, I want to point out that some of these topic ideas will be obvious, and many of them have been done before. There is nothing wrong with that! If a topic speaks to you and your ideal client, and you write it in your unique voice for your unique ideal client, it will be the thoughtful, intriguing, and strategic post you want it to be.

I also want to share that we offer MANY of the blog post ideas below as blog post templates located in Socialite Vault. There, you’ll find a questionnaire to help you write the post, resized and pre-labeled stock photos for SEO, along with social media captions. Worth checking out if you want to save some time!

Alright, let’s go…

Blog Post Topics Inspired by the Season

  • How someone can quickly and easily change the colors in their home for the season
  • Fresh springtime palettes + roundup
  • Summertime palette inspiration + roundup
  • Best indoor window treatments for the spring and summer
  • Designing a functional mudroom (I see you, rainy season…)
  • Trends for the season & how you feel about them
  • Easy swaps for a brighter, fresher home
  • Share your process for spaces that look timeless & fit each season

Inspired by Outdoor Spaces

  • How to design or style an outdoor living space or indoor porch
  • Guide to performance fabrics for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • The perfect setup for an outdoor kitchen or bar area
  • How to blend an indoor and outdoor space
  • Ways to make outdoor spaces more inviting

Inspired by Spring Cleaning or Summer Decluttering

  • Downsizing possessions… what stays and what exits the building?
  • Spring cleaning tips from the designer who has seen it all
  • Organizing advice for spaces or the whole home (garages, pantries, closets, basements, etc.)
  • Best way to store seasonal items for an organized, clutter-free home

Inspired by Travel & Vacation

  • Design inspiration from abroad, past trips or future
  • Travel guide: Your favorite places for soaking up design & what to do there
  • Non-cliché coastal or lake home design
  • What to bring back from your summer holidays
  • How to plan a design-centric vacation
  • Designing a vacation home for family and guest use
  • How to show off travel finds like art or found objects
  • How to design a VRBO or rental for profit & durability

Inspired by Hosting & Entertaining

  • How to host the perfect patio brunch or evening soiree
  • How to design your summer event for flow and fun
  • Features of a home (or space) designed for entertaining

Inspired By Your Great Taste

  • Favorite local design shops for a crisp (or warm) evening around town
  • Best designed restaurants or hotels near you (or abroad)
  • Favorite products for the season
  • Before & After of projects you have designed that show summery spaces
  • Share a design event you may be attending this summer
  • Share some of your family’s summer traditions and why they are special

“School’s Out” Blog Post Topic Ideas

  • Creating entertaining (and mess-proof) spaces for the kids
  • Creating a kids’ entertainment area
  • How to create child-friendly spaces
  • How and when to refresh a child’s bedroom
  • Creating a summer workspace for kids
  • How to use design to create long-lasting family traditions

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