29 Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers & Home Pros

When it comes to blog post ideas, I’ve found two situations to be true: you either can’t think of blog post topics, OR you have a ton of ideas and don’t know which to pursue. In either case, the blog post ideas I’m sharing with you today will help.

But first, let’s quickly cover the Golden Rule of blogging:

Share content that is valuable to your ideal client.

Several of the blog post ideas below may apply to your business and some may not. It’s up to you to decide, “Does my dream client care about this?” If the answer is yes, full steam ahead. If not, keep looking.

Alright, let’s dive in. Categories will include:

  • Establishing Expertise
  • Client Education
  • Showcasing Projects & Taste
  • Personal Topics
  • Seasonal Topics

P.S. We have turned many of these blog posts topics into easy-to-use templates hosted by Socialite Vault.


Blog Post Ideas for Establishing Your Expertise & Educating Clients

01. Answer the questions you hear most often from clients. This could be a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) blog post or you could have one blog post address one question. The upside of this type of post is that it’s great for SEO and it can be used as a resource during onboarding.

02. Share exactly what you do. For example, many people do not know everything an interior designer does during a project, or everything a home stager does, or why a design-build firm is an advantage. Be clear and illustrate with photos.

03. Share a strategy for solving a specific design dilemma. Do your clients struggle with storage? Small spaces? Opening up their kitchens to the great room? This could be framed as a “How To” in the title (good for SEO) but be framed as more of a “this is how we do it for you” type of post.

04. Discuss what NOT to do when designing a space, painting a room, setting a table, etc. Blog posts that highlight common mistakes are always popular! And they give you a chance to set the record straight.

05. Discuss your creative process. How do you help clients define their style? What happens when a couple has different tastes? How do you illustrate or communicate the design before implementation?

06. Share your full design process, not just the creative parts. This helps potential clients understand what it will be like to work with you. You can also use this type of blog post as a resource that you share with clients during onboarding.

07. Highlight other professionals or vendors you work with. This gives you the opportunity for cross-promotion, is good for SEO, and shows the extent of your network and how your extended team works with clients.

08. Write about an industry event, such as High Point Market. Why do you attend? What do you do there and why is it beneficial to your clients?

Blog Posts that Showcase Your Interior Design Projects & Taste

09. Showcase a preview of a project in process. This could include sharing a mood board, floor plans, renderings, etc. Anything to build suspense and show your process while giving readers interesting content.

10. Showcase your finished projects, but ONLY if you would want to work on that type of project again. Be sure to include professional photos of your work. If you work on whole homes, you could also split the project into multiple blog posts by room or by private vs. social spaces. (More on how to blog about design projects here.)

11. Identify a common feature across your portfolio and dive deeper into it. This could include statement lighting, area rugs, backsplashes, tile, custom built-ins, etc. Use your project photos to illustrate all the ways this design element can be used and share useful tips and insights.

12. Round up a list of products that go together… for a season, a specific room, an event, holiday, etc. This gives you a chance to showcase your design aesthetic and add affiliate links (if you want to).

13. Define a design style, or define YOUR unique design style, if you have a specialty. For example, “What is modern interior design?” This gives you the chance to elaborate on the style you love, attract clients who love it too, and boost SEO for this style keyword.

14. Create a list of local shops that you and your team love. This is great for SEO, for sharing your taste, and for cross-promoting other local businesses who might share your clientele.

15. Share a forecast of design trends and how you feel about them.

Personal Yet Valuable Blog Posts

16. Elaborate upon your team’s mission.

17. Tell the story behind your brand or your journey.

18. Introduce readers to your team members, complete with on-brand photos.

19. Share lessons you have learned in your “X” years as a business owner.

20. Inform readers of company updates, like new services / locations, products, team members, etc.

21. Write about public events you’re hosting or pro bono work for charities.

22. Guide readers through a tour of your own home.

23. Share your personal holiday traditions and how design plays a role in making them extra special.

24. Reveal who inspires you and why, such as Kate Spade, Coco Chanel, etc.

25. Share any press that has been released about your projects and why it is meaningful to you. Link to the article for further reading.

Seasonal Blog Post Ideas for Interior Designers & Home Pros

26. Share some tips or insights for celebrating or preparing for whatever season or holiday is coming up. Ideas could include: Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer Vacation, Back-to-School, Thanksgiving, Easter, Passover, End of Year Holidays (Christmas, Hanukah, etc.), and the seasons in general, like fall, winter, summer, and spring.

27. At the end of the year, create a roundup of completed projects and highlight them. This is great for SEO.

28. Share a roundup of your most popular blog posts from the year and share them again. This one is also great for SEO.

29. Share what you’re thankful for and your goals for the next year. Be sure to include how those goals will impact your clients for the better.

Blog Post Templates on these Topics

If you liked these ideas, I highly encourage you to check out our blog post service via Socialite Vault, which guide you to blogging about MANY of the topics I’ve shared above. We have topics for interior designers, workrooms, home stagers, design-build firms, and home organizers. Come give it a try!

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