7 Blogging Stats Interior Designers Need to See


We hear all the time that blogging is a powerful marketing tool for growing a business, but where is the proof? Well, I could tell you that I’ve seen it to be true with my own eyes — for O&B and for our clients — but I recently stumbled across some statistics that tell just as compelling a story.

Let’s dive right in, because these will speak for themselves…

Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to see a positive ROI

Statistic via Hubspot

This statistic made me SO happy to see. It’s one thing to hear positive results from our ghost blogging clients — from spikes in website traffic to boosts in discovery calls — but it’s another to have a statistic to back it up. So I hope you take this one seriously!

It’s also worth mentioning that blogging itself isn’t a huge investment. The biggest investment is usually your time, as the average blog post takes about 3 hours and 57 minutes to write, according to Orbit Media. (This one took me about 6 hours, as I combed through all the stats to find the ones actually backed by studies!)

But you also have outsourcing options, such as hiring a ghost blogger or using blog post templates. These are both affordable monthly options. Even the addition of 1 or 2 new clients can cover blogging expenses for several months or more!

77% of internet users say they read blogs regularly

Statistic via Hubspot

From a business perspective, blogging is undeniably advantageous. It helps SEO, can be used as content marketing to attract ideal clients, helps build your mailing list, contributes to increased website traffic, and forges a connection with potential (and existing) clients.

But from the consumer perspective, we also have to ask the question: Are people still reading blog posts?

This statistic tells us that the answer is YES. 77% means that 3 out of 4 internet users regularly read blogs! Now, the question is… do your ideal clients? I’d say there’s an equally high chance!


Content marketing gets 3x more leads than paid search advertising

Statistic via Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing can be described as any content you create and market publicly, such as blog posts, videos, and social media posts. According to the Content Marketing Institute, these mediums are 3x more likely to get leads (potential clients) than if you were to post ads on Google.

I also believe (though I don’t have stats to back this up) that you are simply more likable if found organically with great content, and not as a result of an advertisement. Because let’s face it, we all see enough ads every day, don’t you think?

66% of marketers surveyed Link blogs in their social media content

Statistic via Social Media Examiner

Here’s another statistic to show us that blogging is far from a thing of the past! 2 out of 3 marketers link to their blogs within social media content, and I couldn’t agree more that this is a GREAT way to market your business.

Your social media content is a way to be discovered, but the chance of a new client reaching out to you there is a big leap. It’s far more likely that they’ll want to browse your content, stay posted on updates, and grow to know, like, and trust you — and THEN contact you when they’re ready.

Here’s a helpful post on how to share your blog posts on social media.


Companies that blog have 55% more visitors to their websites

Statistic via Hubspot

This is another stat that had me jumping for joy when I saw it… 55% MORE website visitors is a LOT. That’s 55% more people who have the opportunity to read your posts, join your mailing list, get your monthly newsletter, and fall in love with what you’re doing!

How does blogging achieving this 55% boost in traffic? Well, it’s a combination of having better SEO, new leads finding your content on social media and clicking over to read it, and traffic from newsletters (if you share your blog posts in mailings).

See how blogging helps on so many different fronts??

Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages (Great for SEO!)

Statistic via Hubspot

The term “indexed pages” is technical jargon for the pages that search engines (like Google) use to categorize and rank your site. The more relevant, robust, frequently updated, and highly visited pages on your site — the better your SEO.

Blogging (or at least, blogging well) contributes to ALL of these things: fresh content that’s relevant to your ideal clients, blog posts that share your expertise on a topic, and more traffic to your website as you share those posts with your followers.

So it should be no surprise that a company with a blog has 434% more indexed pages than those who don’t!


81% of Bloggers Report Seeing Some or Strong Results

Statistic via Orbit Media

In this survey, the definition of “results” is loose, as results can mean different things to different bloggers. Results could be increased leads, more mailing list subscribers, more clients, or in some cases, more affiliate purchases, sponsorships, etc.

What I find interesting is that even though the definition of “results” was loose, 51% of bloggers at least saw some success and 30% saw strong success! That’s an 8 in 10 chance of making some movement toward your goal — and those are good odds!

That makes 7! Honestly, you’ll see even more impressive blogging stats online, but I kept this list a bit selective, with only those stats that appeared backed by real studies.

I hope they’ve given you a renewed sense of commitment to blogging — or maybe even convinced you that NOW is the time to start! Download our Blog Content Strategy Workbook here to start identifying the topics that will attract your dream clients and help reach your business goals.

Until next Monday, stay positive + be well!



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