How to Create “Tone” and “Voice” in Your Brand Messaging

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When we talk about the ins and outs of a brand messaging, it’s important to consider the “voice” or “tone” of your copy, be it on your website, in blog posts and social content, throughout client materials, and beyond. Tone is something that often comes naturally when we speak but is much harder to convey when we write. So, let’s break it down…

First, What is Tone?

Your tone is the “voice” your target clients will hear when they encounter any written elements associated with your design firm. Along with word choice, it’s what differentiates you from your competitors, doesn’t sound like it was written by AI, and connects with your ideal client. We like to summarize tone with this equation:

Word choice + punctuation = tone

It sounds simple, but this is an aspect of writing that not a lot of people do well. Or if they do, they aren’t sure why. As professional copywriters, we’ve taken the time to dissect how and why we’ve been successful. The equation above is our answer.

We’ve already explored the ins and outs of smart, on-brand word choice here, so let’s focus on punctuation today. Yes, we know… t sounds like we’re headed back to elementary school, but hear us out.

Punctuation: The Secret to Punchy, Impactful, Authentic Tone

Yes, that’s really the secret. With punctuation, you can build excitement, increase speed and energy, or slow. things. down. You can make a point like this or grab attention — like this. Here are some fun strategies for creating the flow and feeling you want.

Italics & CAPS

Use italics to put emphasis on certain words. This is an especially great tool for helping you write like you speak.Examples:

A beautiful house is more than walls, colors, and furniture. It’s a home.
A beautiful house is more than walls, colors, and furniture. It’s a HOME.

Quick Note: Caps can often read like you’re shouting, which is fine for social media and blog articles, but should be used sparingly, if at all, in your website copy.

Hyphens —

We LOVE to use hyphens because they force a reader to stop and expect something important and impactful to come next. You can also use them in the middle of a sentence to create an aside, similar to parentheses (below).


A beautiful home is more than walls and furniture — it’s inspiration for the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

You just moved into your dream house — quaint shutters, spacious kitchen, stone fireplace — but somehow, it still doesn’t feel like home.


Ellipses create an effect that is similar to hyphens… but not quite. They create a pause, but instead of a hard stop, ellipses add suspense and mystery, even a little playfulness depending on the context.


You’ve just moved into your dream home, unpacked all those boxes, and stocked your fridge with family favorites, but it still doesn’t feel like home… yet.

Do you feel that sense of promise?? Enticing.

Commas, Commas, Commas

Commas are probably the most often used punctuation in website copy. Yes, they absolutely MUST be used to connect two complete sentences. (That is a lesson from grade school.) But they can also create smooth elegance in your writing and express a series of ideas quickly. We use commas to insert words that feel like you’re talking one-on-one to your reader. This is great for creating a really personal tone.


When you finally hang up your blazer after a full workday, you want a home that will relax, support, and restore you.

After a long workday and a house full of kids, well, being kids, there’s nothing better than a home that supports you.


Periods are another way to make your readers pause. and. listen. This tactic should be used sparingly, especially in website copy, where it can feel a little too familiar. It depends on your brand though. We recommend using it once at the most within a blog article or social content. We rarely use this tonal device for website copy.


You’ve just moved into your dream home, unpacked all those boxes, and stocked. the. fridge! But somehow, it still doesn’t feel like home.


Parentheses are a fun way to add side notes, your personality (yes, you), and even personal commentary into your copy.


You’ve just moved into your dream home, unpacked all those boxes, and stocked your fridge with family favorites. (High five!) But it doesn’t feel like home… yet.

That’s a wrap for now. Use these tips and you’ll elevate your copy, write more strategically, and create a voice that attracts your dream clients for your personality. Cheers!






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